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Cornerspace Group


Cornerspace Cloud Consulting

Complete infrastructure projects and powerful on-demand services giving enterprises the power and ability to do things they clearly couldn't do before.


Cornerspace Mobile

A forward thinking mobile technology company specializing in advanced software engineering and design. Cornerspace Mobile products enable publishing of rich interactive media that is operating system, hardware, and network independent. Cornerspace solves the problem of cost, authoring productivity, device constraints, and bandwidth limitations in the
mobile market today.


Cornerspace CM3

CM3 enables anyone to instantly launch a full-scale White Label Mobile Content Service under your own brand. CM3 includes a Mobile Content Portal, Mobile Wap Application, Easy to Use Admin System, widgets, and subscription management with tracking.


Cornerspace Labs

The Brand Client doesn't want you to know we built it! Unlike 'off-the-peg' or re-sold/re-purposed software systems, Cornerspace Labs can launch from napkin note, working with you to develope vision, to solutions, to product. Sit with our development team, we're Game Changers.